How to Play:

Shuffle the cards and place each pile in its corresponding place on the game board, with the exception of the “Question cards”, “Forfeit cards” and the credits, which will be placed next to the board, in neutral zone between both players.

Each player takes a black card “Fantasy cards” and writes on it the fantasy he/she would like to carry out. Then, you must hide it in any of the nine thematic rooms on the board, among the rest of the cards, without being seen by the other member of the couple. It may be a fantasy that takes place when the game ends or one that is carried out another day.

The players choose the dynamics of the game. They can play around the game board, answering questions or performing tasks for as long as they wish, or they can go into the different rooms and perform the corresponding tasks until they find the Fantasy card that the couple has hidden.

The cards used will be left again in their corresponding pile, below all. On cards where XXX appears, the hourglass (60 seconds) must be used to time the indicated task. Once everything is ready, the hourglass will be turned and the task will begin.

Credits (coins with the Secret Play symbol) are obtained by correctly answering the questions on the “Question cards” and by passing some of the tasks on the “Forfeit cards”. Watch out! You can also lose credits in some of these tasks. These coins can be exchanged at any time for a clothing item of the other player, considering that each piece of clothing costs two credits.

You can enter the different rooms of the palace through the corresponding box, marked with a white arrow on a black background. In this way, if the dice shows for example 4, we will count 2 squares, the number 3 will be that of the arrow with a black background and the number 4 the room where you wanted to enter. The rooms are accessed with exact score. If a player wants to be back in a room he has just visited, he must leave and re-enter again. The player who first manages to find his partner´s “Fantasy cards” in one of the rooms will be the winner. You will get as a reward the pleasure of satisfying your partner´s hidden fantasy.

Start of the game: Both players roll their dice and whoever gets the highest roll goes first, starting from the Start square.

In the event of a tie, the first player to remove a piece of clothing will begin. The player who starts rolls the dice and moves the playing piece counting off as many squares as the number shown on the dice. You can go in any direction (up, down, right, left or diagonally). The colour of the squares will indicate you what you must do. Then it will be the second player´s turn and so on.


WHITE COLOR: The player who lands into one of these squares, rests and passes the turn to the other player.
VIOLET COLOR: The player who lands into these squares takes the top card from the “Forfeit cards” pile and does what is indicated on it. You can earn or lose credits.
PINK FUCHSIA COLOR: The player who lands in these squares takes the top card from the “Question cards” pile. The other player is the one who should read the card. If the player answers the question correctly, he will get a credit.
GRAY COLOR: These squares are for the Bar, and the player who lands into them can request a drink in exchange for two credits, which will be returned to the corresponding pile.


MASSAGE ROOM: Players will discover the plesasures of good body relaxation, as well as erogenous parts and areas to explore.
ORAL SEX ROOM: It´s about using the tongue and the lips well and in unthinkable body areas.
TOYS ROOM: It´s time to use some other additional complements to maximize your pleasure.
BDSM ROOM: It is a subtle contact with the unknown world of pleasure obtained through pain.
KISSES ROOM: Look for excitement through kissing in unthinkable areas.
KAMASUTRA ROOM: The players will put into practice these sex positions, some of them, perhaps, unknown until now. All of them applicable to any type of couple.
ANAL ROOM: It is about seeking pleasure through anal stimulation.
VOYEUR ROOM: Players will find pleasure through the sense of sight, seeing their partner in the spiciest situations.
SURPRISE ROOM: Contains a compedium of challenges belonging to all of the rooms.

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